Aerial DOP / Specialized Camera Operator

Steve Desbrow is an aerial DOP/aerial camera operator. 


99 percent of my work is helicopter with the other percent coming from Russian/Ultimate/Pursuit car work or camera rail. I have been filming flying as an operator since 1999 and have racked up many thousands of hours flying.


Films, Commercials, Car Commercials and Major TV events. Formats from IMAX film to 35mm to Cinema Digital and 3D.


I am also sought after for my long experience in developing and integrating new cameras or concepts to stabilised gimbals.


Latest updates are on Facebook, LinkedIn and on IMDB.



Recent Feature List:


"Jupiter Ascending”

"The Moon and the Sun”

"Cloud Atlas"

"Belle et Sebastian 2”

"Taken 2”

"On Voulait tout Casser”

"Les Gorilles""Papa ou Maman”

"Un Village Presque Parfait”

"El Nino”



Recent major Broadcast:

London Paralympics 2012 (Track Operator - Swimming)

London Olympics 2012 (Track operator 100m)

Winter Paralympics 2010 (Track Operator - Cross Country)

Winter Olympics 2010 (Track Operator - Biathlon)

Beijing Olympics 2008 (Track Operator - Athletics)

Torino Olympics 2006 (Cablecam operator, ceremonies)

Athens Olympics 2004 (Cam Track Operator)

Longline in Tunisia 2014 - Tyrant opening titles.


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